The POP3 mail and webmail software programs included in your hosting package are not software written or supported by Spyridon.  The use of the POP3 email platform is at your own risk and we do not offer any warranty / guarantee for this service.  There are dozens of computer models and over 6,000 mobile devices on the market so we are simply not able to provide hardware support. You should check with your IT department or have a local IT company assist you with your computer setup if you need help.

The number of addresses and the available storage size of each box depends on the available space on your hosting account.  For example, if you have 2.5Gig of hosting storage and your website takes up 1 gig of space, then you would have 1.5 gig of space remaining for email accounts.  If you had 10 accounts, that would give each mailbox 150meg of storage.  You can also access your email account on the web by going to

The server is only meant to hold your email long enough to have Outlook or whatever email client you are using download it.  After your email program has downloaded it to your local machine and (or other devices), then you can delete the email from the server.  This prevents your email box from filling up which could stop it from working.  In Outlook, there is an Advanced tab where you can set it to Remove After X Many Days.  We recommend setting this to 10 days.  The server may remove all email older than 14 days as part of its automated maintenance.

We DO NOT recommend using the cPanel POP3 / Webmail for your business email.  This system lacks server redundancy, quality spam filtering and can be complicated setting up on mobile devices.  For a professional business email solution, we recommend Google G Suite which includes business gmail.  You can learn more here:

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