If you would like to transfer your domain from our management services through the registrar ENOM, we would be happy to assist you in that process.  To initiate a transfer request, please click here to use our Domain Transfer Request Form.

Please note that there are specific limitations and rules surrounding the transfer of a domain that are outside of our control.  Transfers can take up to 15 days to complete so be sure to plan ahead.  If your domain is expired or expiring soon, you will need to renew the domain BEFORE we can process a transfer.  Also, ICANN has issued a mandate that all registrars must comply with that involves changes to the contact information that is associated with your domain that can result in a transfer lock on a domain for 60 days.  Here is an excerpt from the ICANN website:

After 1 December 2016, registrars must impose a lock that will prevent any transfer to another registrar for sixty (60) days following a change to a registrant’s information. 

With this in mind, if you need to make changes to your domain contact information, you will need to make it at least 60 days prior to transfer or wait until after the domain transfer has completed. 


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