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Social Media Marketing

Remember, Consumers Are Consumers Of Information As Well.

So what exactly is Social Media Marketing?

Essentially, it’s the process of helping you to gain website traffic through various social media sites such as Google+, Facebook, YouTube, etc. And if done correctly, it can also help your website’s rankings. What can it include? Quite a bit. Website blogs, blog posts, video blogs, and more.

Why is it so vital?

Think of it this way: Say you need to leave someone an important note containing a phone number, time, and a name. You jot it down on a piece of paper and put it on their office desk. But, their desk is usually messy and that note could get lost. So, additionally you send them a text. Perhaps you even send them an email. And just to make sure they got it, you send them a quick message to their Facebook page. Is that a bit of overkill? Maybe, but the odds of them seeing your important note just improved rather than simply laying a slip of paper on their desk. In other words, getting the word out is very important. And today, Social Media Marketing helps that process in a big way.

Alright, but what does it involve?

Content is King, and it always has been. We’re talking words here, specifically Keywords which are in place to allow Search Engines to help your website be seen. Blogs, for example, play a key role in educating prospects for lead generation and nurturing. Blogs can also boost organic search for your website and increase your chances of showing up in the right search listings.

But, content also includes links to your website, little interesting blurbs that you put up on Facebook, a YouTube video complete with transcription, anything that will help your customer and potential customer understand the value of why they should choose to do business with you, versus anyone else. And here’s something valuable worth remembering – Social Media Marketing can increase your chances of your website ranking higher.

But I’ve got a business to run. I don’t want to have to write or do any of that stuff!

Writing new custom written blogs to add to your website, uploading a video blog that’s completely edited, published and transcribed, blogging to social media feeds, and more including developing a social media calendar takes time. And that’s where we come in. That’s what we do.

Here’s what Spyridon Technologies offers:

  • Online Marketing Strategy Review & Recommendations
  • Video Blogging & Transcriptions for additional blog entries
  • Blogs to Social Media
  • Written Blog Posts to Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn
  • Social Media Marketing Calendar
  • Custom Branded Blog to Website
  • Project Management

The professional and create staff at Spyridon Technologies will develop, program, monitor, and manage your social media marketing plan. We have an integrated team of creative designers, programmers, copywriters and marketing professionals that know how to get the on-line results you need today.

Okay, so how much is your plan?

Less than you think. Contact us on-line or call us at (866)577-3166 to set up your Free Social Media Marketing consultation today!

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